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Why Vavoom?

The key benefits of leasing with Vavoom

  • Vavoom will always assess your particular needs and detail your monthly costs in advance giving you full details of your lease costs for the duration of the agreement; 24, 36 or 48 months
  • With a lower upfront cost, you will have better cashflow for your business or a boost to your personal budget
  • You have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of different vehicles from all manufacturers
  • We have a keen eye on the environment.  All our offices are climate positive and we plant trees for every vehicle transaction, with our employees personally contributing towards climate projects to ensure that they are climate positive
  • When you lease with Vavoom, you don’t need to worry about the depreciation of the vehicle or selling the vehicle at the end of the lease period.  That’s our job to take care of and if you take out a maintenance agreement within your monthly rental; the only thing you need to do is refuel/charge and insure your vehicle
  • We’ll take care of all the admin processing and help you with any paperwork giving you more time to concentrate on your work and personal life
  • Your vehicle will come with a manufacturer’s warranty and the road tax is covered for the full duration of the agreement
  • Vehicle leasing or contract hire is essentially a vehicle rental for a fixed period of time.  It's a simple process that begins with an initial rental and then a series of monthly rentals until the end of your contract duration.  By leasing a vehicle instead of buying outright, you're able to enjoy newer and often more expensive cars than you may have initially been considering.  This is due to the rentals being spread over a series of months instead of having to pay all in one go.  You will also gain access to Vavoom’s vehicle discounts, which means that cost savings are passed onto you in the form of reduced monthly rentals. 
  • Here at Vavoom, the two main types of leasing that we provide are business contract hire - BCH and personal contract hire - PCH.  We can also offer a maintenance package which offer additional peace of mind and mean that unexpected garage bills will be a thing of the past.  The maintenance package that we offer covers everything from a minor or major service to a new set of tyres or some new wiper blades. 
  • We can provide leasing for private individuals, sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.  We have access to a panel of lenders which means you benefit from our industry connections and ability to get a deal done at the right price and within the right timescales for you. 
  • When you return your vehicle at the end of lease you will arrange a suitable time for it to be collected and inspected.  Collection is all part of the deal so no additional payment is required.  Providing the vehicle is in good condition with no damage (aside from normal wear and tear as per the BVRLA guidelines) and within the contract mileage, there will be nothing else for you to pay. 
  • If there is damage on your vehicle, we recommend getting any damage repaired before the inspection meaning you can shop around for the repair costs and avoid dehire damage charges.
  • Similarly if you've gone over the contract mileage then you'll need to pay an excess mileage charge.  This is typically around 8-10p per mile, but can be up to 30-40p per mile on the larger prestige vehicles.