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Fleet Leasing

As a business, finding transport for your employees can be tricky, especially if you need a large number of vehicles. There are plenty of factors you will need to consider, such as the cost of acquiring multiple vehicles and choosing vehicles that you know you can rely on. This can cause issues when it comes to paying for multiple cars and budgeting for any issues which may arise, after all, you don't want to be caught out with a breakdown and not have the funds to fix it. That scenario could result in lengthy downtime for your employees, damaging your productivity and in turn, your revenue. But, what if there was another option?

By leasing the vehicles you need for your business, you can avoid a lot of the issues you would face if you were to buy the vehicles outright. There are many benefits of this, including easier management of costs, and being able to put your staff in much newer, and more reliable vehicles. For business purposes, fleet leasing is a smart choice, as it also allows you to manage your fleet effectively and keep track of key metrics. By putting your trust with Vavoom to look after your fleet, you are signing up with a business that will understand your needs and deliver the most optimum vehicles for your business and for your drivers. Vavoom can also construct a new fleet policy that aligns to the changing landscape of fleet which includes compliance, tax for both the driver and the business and costs. We provide consultative advice on the transition from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to an Electric Vehicle (EV) and integrate a Whole Life Cost (WLC) methodology to evidence why the time could be right to make the move. No matter what vehicles you require – we will provide you with and work with you to ensure your choice is an informed one. 

At Vavoom, we offer a selection of fleet leasing deals on a range of brands and models, including Ford, BMW and Audi. You can browse our offers and choose a fleet of vehicles which you believe are the most reliable and best represent your business, and we can advise you should you require further support. There's no need to try and cut costs by buying older vehicles, as that can harm your brand image too. Instead, you can choose vehicles that look the part and communicate your brand image in the most professional way. We're based in Cheadle but are able to service the local areas of ChesterStockportManchesterLiverpool and Birmingham, as well as nationwide, so we’ve got you covered. To get in touch with us, please call us on 0344 264 4177 or email us at with your message.

Fleet leasing & the benefits

In simple terms, fleet leasing is a business lease deal that includes multiple vehicles, instead of just one which you may have on a personal lease, for example. The agreement will outline the specific number of vehicles required and how long the vehicles will be leased for. Fleet leasing is an excellent alternative to buying outright as it takes the large upfront costs you would otherwise face and turns them into affordable monthly payments instead. Once the lease ends, the vehicles will simply be returned to us and if you wish, you can begin a new lease deal with brand new vehicles.

By choosing fleet leasing, instead of buying the vehicles, you're able to put your employees in higher-end vehicles, for a lower cost. Instead of paying the upfront cost of several high-quality vehicles, you can save the potential harm that may be caused to your business's cash flow and instead pay via monthly instalments. This method will allow you to factor in these costs, more comfortably, into your monthly outgoings. You can also add in a Maintenance cost which includes all routine servicing and maintenance aligned to fair wear and tear of the vehicle. By having this cover in place, you can take comfort in knowing that you won't have to chalk up the money to pay unexpected bills for your servicing and routine mechanical care.

The long-term benefit of this is that once your vehicle lease ends, you can simply return the entire fleet vehicle by vehicle, without having to worry about selling them, as you would if you owned them. Of course, this means you can then upgrade your fleet of vehicles by choosing a new range of models. This will allow you to benefit from vehicles that could potentially be cheaper and more efficient to run, saving you more money in the long run. You may even want to upgrade to a fleet of electric vehicles, to reduce your business's carbon footprint, which we fully support. At Vavoom, our fleet is fully electric, as we aim to ensure we're doing our part to help the environment.

By choosing a lease deal for a fleet of electric cars, you're able to benefit from no road tax costs too. As road tax is calculated based on the amount of emissions your vehicle produces, and fully electric vehicles don't produce any, and therefore right now, you won't be required to pay. However, if the vehicle is a hybrid, that means it has a petrol or diesel engine too and uses petrol or diesel to run at least some of the time, meaning you will have to pay some road tax on this vehicle. This is why leasing a fleet is beneficial not just because it helps the environment, but because it allows you to cut costs as a business too. Charging your fleet of electric vehicles is something you'll need to consider too, and also an area that our partner, Project EV, can help you with.

Project EV specialise in providing clients with charging stations that allow them to charge one or multiple electric vehicles at home or their workplace. Their range includes both AC and DC charging stations, each of which provides different benefits. AC stands for alternating current, and although the national grid only delivers AC currents, electric vehicles must also be charged using DC, which stands for direct current. AC charging works by supplying the EV's onboard charging device with power, which is then converted to DC in order to charge the batteries. DC charging, on the other hand, supplies power directly to the batteries, charging the vehicle much faster. DC chargers typically feature at public stations, so those on long journeys can charge their vehicle quickly. AC chargers are the more common choice for a home or workplace charging system, as they are much more cost-effective, and tend to be easier to install.

This is something you will have to consider when leasing a fleet of electric vehicles as your employees will need to be able to charge their vehicles quickly and effectively. Once you're set up with a charging system, however, you'll begin to see the benefits of choosing an electric fleet of vehicles, as they will cost far less to run. Charging multiple vehicles will work out cheaper than petrol and diesel costs, especially if your employees are driving long distances every day of the working week. 

As an employer, having a fleet of high-end cars to offer your employees acts as a great employee incentive. By showing new employees that not only will they not have to use their own car, but they can also drive an aspirational vehicle which is good for the planet, will be seen as a perk of working for your company. By putting all of your employees into cars that are part of your fleet, we can supply you with telematics so you're able to track the length of time and distances your employees are travelling for too. This data can be very important if you aim to cut travel times as a business and as a result, the impact your business has on the environment through CO2 emissions. It can also give you the evidence to suggest that the driver could move to a hybrid or electric vehicle based on their journeys.

Fleet leasing with Vavoom

When you choose a fleet leasing deal with us, you're able to select a fleet of cars that you think best reflects your business and that you believe will be the most reliable. When agreeing on the terms of the deal, you'll be able to choose the number of cars you want to lease and the length of time you would like to lease them for. At this stage of the process, you'll be able to find out exactly how much the fleet will cost and how this will be broken down into monthly payments. This will allow you to factor the costs of the fleet into your monthly outgoings and manage your cash flow.

Once you have agreed to the leasing contract, you'll have our full support throughout the process. If you encounter any issues or problems with the vehicle or contract, you'll be able to contact us and we'll help resolve the issue to the best of our ability. As part of our approach to business, we work with a very personal touch, meaning you'll never receive the cold shoulder. We'll always make time for you and ensure that you always feel comfortable contacting us and speaking with us. In other words, we value your business, and want to do right by yours.

By choosing Vavoom, we're also able to help you get access to vehicles you may not be able to get elsewhere. Using our relationships and connections with our dealerships, we're able to provide you with exclusive deals and offer you savings you wouldn't be able to make if you bought the vehicles outright. 

Once the lease ends, we'll be able to discuss your options and help you get another lease deal if that aligns with your plan. Upon the end of your lease, you'll be able to start a new lease deal with us and select a new range of vehicles. The best way to view the end of your lease is as a time to upgrade, meaning you're able to get a brand new fleet of cars. Of course, the option is there to keep your fleet of cars if you feel they are still a reliable choice of transport.

Fleet management options

When you lease a fleet from us, you'll gain access to our fleet management portal, which is designed to make life easier for you as a business owner. By using our portal to manage your fleet, you're able to control and measure the efficiency of your vehicles, making it easier to identify any issues which need to be resolved. You're also able to identify ways to reduce costs and ensure compliance across your entire fleet.

The data provided by the portal will allow you to regulate a number of factors relating to the use of your vehicles, including emissions targets. By viewing this data, you'll be able to get accurate feedback as to how your fleet is performing and make the necessary adjustments to lower the emissions produced. You can then set new targets and manage your progress. 

Other aspects that our excellent fleet portal can manage is accident and vehicle risk management. This helps you, as the business owner, manage the safety of your employees and ensure that the risk of harm is as low as possible. By reading the relevant metrics, you're able to ensure that risk is low, whilst fleet efficiency remains as high as possible.

Vehicle maintenance is another big factor that our portal covers. It ensures that you're able to keep track of, and log, any maintenance issues which need to be resolved, or the dates on which they have been fixed. This will also allow you to keep on top of repair costs and budget effectively. By knowing which cars have faced maintenance issues, you'll be able to manage your fleet to minimise the chance of those vehicles causing issues. This can help prevent unexpected breakdowns and costs which can affect both your productivity and your cash flow.

Managing driver compliance is extremely important, especially if you have new employees who may need help operating the vehicles in your fleet. Using the portal to manage this aspect of your fleet, allows you to track individual drivers and the progress they are making. It also allows you to identify which drivers may need additional training or training on how to improve.

One of the most important features of the portal is that it's able to provide you with a roadmap for migration from an internal combustion engine to an ultra-low emission vehicle (Electric/Hybrid). This can include factors such as the changes in fuel costs (how much your business can save through electric charging) and help with implementing charging stations at your workplace (how many you will need per vehicle).

To begin discussing your fleet leasing options with us today and start benefiting from our outstanding management portal, simply give us a call. We're always eager to speak to new clients and begin planning how our fleet leasing solutions can benefit them. To speak directly to a member of our skilled team, give us a call on 0344 264 4177 or you can email us at, with your enquiry. Once your contract begins with us, you'll receive ongoing support from us to ensure you never face any issues you believe can't be solved. If you're not sure where to start with fleet leasing, we can help you get going. Based in Cheadle, we supply the local areas of Manchester, Liverpool and Chester, including cities nationwide, such as London, Sheffield and Glasgow.

EV Fleet Leasing - How your company can prepare for the future

It's no secret that the future of the vehicle industry will be electric, not just because the government is introducing measures to ensure that this is the case, but also because we, as human beings, have a responsibility to look after our planet. That's what we believe, here at Vavoom, and we're all for it! We can't wait to see our roads completely populated by electric vehicles producing absolutely zero emissions. Not only that, but it will also be cheaper to run your vehicle, as charging it will cost much less than petrol and diesel do. This has its benefits for businesses as much as it does for those looking to use an EV in their personal life.

Electric vehicles are already in mass production from a growing range of brands as the EV industry begins to become more competitive. As the number of electric models increases, the bar is continually raised as each manufacturer tries to one-up the other by offering faster charging times, longer range and faster speeds. One thing that is great about this, however, is that customers benefit massively, as they're spoilt for choice and have the opportunity to upgrade to new, more capable EVs. This is the case for businesses too, as they're able to enhance their fleet by switching to the latest EVs and can benefit from all the features that come with them.

Plenty of businesses have turned to electric vehicles already, with charging stations installed at offices and company cars available for all of their staff. It's understandable though if your business hasn't made the switch yet, as not only are there many great petrol/diesel vehicles available, there's also much to consider when choosing an entirely electric fleet. The cost of doing so may also have been a deterrent, but with a lease deal, you'll be able to acquire a whole fleet of vehicles without having to buy each car outright.

You may be wondering how a lease deal helps you prepare for the future of EVs when you don't own the vehicle? Well, due to the fast-paced nature of the electric vehicle market, we believe a lease deal is the best way to stay at the very cutting edge and enjoy the latest vehicles on offer. If you've bought outright an entire fleet of vehicles, you'll need to sell them in order to recuperate some of the cost to put towards a new fleet of the latest models. However, if you acquired your fleet as part of a lease deal, once it ends after your pre-determined contract length, you'll be able to choose a fleet of the latest electric vehicles from the biggest brands. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Not only that, but to accommodate this new fleet of electric vehicles, it would be beneficial to have a selection of charging points installed at your workplace. While this isn't essential as the vehicles can still be charged at public charging stations, it is a smart move as it will likely cost more to use these points. By having charging stations on-site, you're able to charge your fleet of EVs throughout the workday and ensure they are ready to go when you need them. It will also be cheaper to charge your EVs at these points, using AC current from the national grid, than it would be to charge at public stations which use DC current. Plus, once you have a series of EV charging points installed for your fleet, they are there to stay and can be reused no matter how many more vehicles you decide to lease. This will be a great asset for your business once the petrol/diesel ban is enforced.

Not only will you be able to use these charging points, but if you regularly welcome clients or business colleagues to your workplace, you'll be able to offer them a place to charge their EV. This can make a great first impression and prove that not only are you conscious about doing your part for the environment, but you're also taking the needs of your clients into account. Similarly, having charging points at your workplace will allow you to utilise them for your personal electric vehicle. There are two options you can choose from too, depending on what you need. The different types of chargers available that you can have installed are AC current chargers and DC current fast chargers.

There are no set rules when it comes to choosing a type of charging station that works for your fleet, as each type offers different benefits. Typically, AC chargers would be the standard choice as they are also great for home charging stations. They allow you to charge your EVs to full capacity whilst stationary, which can work great if your fleet isn't constantly at full use. DC chargers offer benefits too, as they can charge EVs quickly, making them a great choice if vehicles in your fleet are only stationary at your workplace for short periods of time. It's worth bearing in mind that they won't be able to reach charge capacity if you use DC chargers, as the current is direct, it can damage the battery if it is allowed to reach full capacity. When leasing an EV fleet, we’re able to do a full infrastructure survey to determine which type of charger will work best for your business from both a cost and efficiency perspective.

Leasing a fleet of vans

When it comes to choosing a fleet of vehicles, cars aren't your only choice, there is also the option of vans, which can be a more practical option. If your business requires you to travel with a lot of equipment or move goods around, a standard car may not be big enough or have the necessary storage options. Also, if you do try to use a standard car to transport goods, it's possible that your equipment could damage the seats and interior. However, if you have a van to use, you can take advantage of the ample storage space, which is better designed to withstand wear and tear. This is more suitable to a range of businesses, including tradesmen, that may benefit less from a fleet of cars.

A leasing deal on a fleet of vans works the same as a lease deal on a fleet of cars; however, you're able to choose a vehicle that is more suitable for your needs. With a fleet of vans, you'll be able to carry all of the equipment and goods you'll need too, without worry that it won't fit in your fleet of cars. There is a range of vans from reputable brands to choose from too, meaning you can get one that not only plays the part but looks it too, reflecting well on your company’s brand. Often, when people think of work vans, they picture a run-down white van, which doesn't always reflect the professionalism of the business. However, with a lease deal, you're able to get a brand-new van or multiple on a lease deal. By the time your vans begin to look worn, it's likely your lease deal will be about to end, which means you can start another and get another fleet of brand-new vans.

Due to the vast range of vans available, you'll be able to find a van with the space you need and one in the style you want. Different sizes will cater to different needs, whether you're after a large van that you can stack large amounts of goods into or a more compact van that only needs to hold a relatively small amount of items. One of the benefits of leasing this type of vehicle is that you're able to select a contract length that suits you, so, if you choose a year or two, you’re not tied into the deal long term, meaning you're able to get a new fleet of vans once your lease ends. This can be extra beneficial if your business has grown since the beginning of your last lease, meaning you not only need bigger vehicles to accommodate it but you may need more too. This is one of the key reasons why businesses who need vans for work choose a lease deal.