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Nissan is a Japanese vehicle manufacturer, which was founded in 1933, as part of the Nissan Group. The headquarters are currently located in Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan and have Yasushi Kimura as their CEO. Nissan has managed to grow massively since they were first founded, becoming the world's eighth-largest vehicle producer in 2015 and being the leading car brand in multiple countries including Mexico and Russia. Through effective marketing and the production of affordable and reliable vehicles, Nissan has become a favourite for many who need a compact city car.

To help increase the speed of production without escalating costs, Nissan installed its first assembly robots into factories in 1981, with the trend growing into several other factories over the following years. Nissan is also responsible for the production of one of the most popular electric vehicles to date: the Nissan Leaf, which was the best-selling plug-in electric vehicle for a number of years. Production of the vehicle continued, with the latest version of the model able to travel up to 239 miles on a single charge. The design of the model has also been adapted to be both modern and functional, with LED headlights that provide maximum visibility when driving in the dark.

The rest of Nissan's range of vehicles include the Micra, a compact 5-door perfect for navigating narrow terrain, and the Navara, which is a rough and ready pickup truck that is capable of towing up to 3,500Kg using its 4-wheel drive function. Nissan's diverse range provides a vehicle for almost everyone with a variety of different needs. At Vavoom, we offer very competitive deals on as many of these models as possible so customers have a wide range of choice that includes both EVs, as well as petrol/diesel options. If you would like to opt for an electric Nissan model, we can help with supplying you with a home charging station, to help reduce the running costs of the vehicle. There are also government grants available to help cut costs even further, allowing you to get your dream Nissan on a lease deal without breaking the bank.

Explore the range of deals we have on Nissan models through our website and simply follow the steps to complete the lease deal. We offer business lease options as well as personal deals, which you can choose along with the initial rental period and length of the lease. If you have any questions about the Nissan models we offer, or the deals we have available, please contact us and we will help in every way we can. You can call us directly on 0344 264 4177 or email us at with your inquiry. We’re based in Cheadle and can supply the local areas of Manchester, Liverpool and Chester, including cities nationwide such as Norwich, Birmingham and London.