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We can supply you with a range of different Mercedes-Benz, from stunning Coupés to electric/hybrid options. Get a high-end Mercedes-Benz on a lease plan which suits you, when you choose Vavoom. Our fully comprehensive service ensures that you’ll have everything you need and will be able to include any additional extras you will need from the very start of your lease. We can provide you with a brand new Mercedes-Benz vehicle to Stockport, Cheshire, Manchester or even nationwide as we now ship our fantastic range across the country.

Mercedes-Benz was founded in 1926 by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, in Germany. Their headquarters remains there to this day, located in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg. Mercedes-Benz is widely known as one of the most successful vehicle manufacturers in the world with 170,000 employees worldwide and in 2018, they were the largest seller of premium cars across the globe, having sold 2.31 million units. The Mercedes-Benz company also has various subsidiaries for different projects, which are Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-EQ, G-Class and the smart brand.

Mercedes-Benz has garnered a reputation for producing high-quality and durable vehicles which have always looked stylish. Whether it's a CLS Coupe or an E-Class Estate, Mercedes clearly value aesthetics very highly, and it shows. What’s more, this style is backed up with exceptional engineering - as recently shown in 2020, when Mercedes won the Formula 1 Drivers Championship with Lewis Hamilton at the wheel. Whilst driver skill is a large factor, the Mercedes car has the best engine-chassis combination right now, with the engine being one of the most powerful and fuel-efficient out there.

For consumers, their range of vehicles is continuously growing with a large range of models with both petrol/diesel options, as well as electric and hybrid cars. Mercedes's EV and HEV range show they're prepared for the future, and can offer Mercedes drivers a greener option that allows them to contribute far less to CO2 emissions. These cars, which utilise an electric motor rather than an internal combustion engine, produce very minimal noise pollution which makes for a far more relaxing journey. The performance of the vehicle is also arguably better than petrol cars, with EVs being easier to drive, as well as cheaper to run.

Mercedes-Benz is known for manufacturing vehicles with enhanced safety features, such as their signature PRE-SAFE technology, which is featured in every one of its models. The system is incredibly ingenuitive, as it's able to prepare and protect passengers from an accident before it’s even happened. It does this through sensors that are placed throughout the vehicle to track any potential oncoming collisions. The system reacts to this by tightening front seatbelts, adjusting headrests and closing windows. This system is another example of fantastic design work, incorporating next-level safety features into every vehicle.

At Vavoom, we can provide you with a stunning Mercedes-Benz vehicle from a wide range of options. Our fully comprehensive approach to our customers ensures you'll be able to get everything you need, from additional extras all the way through to a home charging station, should you choose a Mercedes EV. Choose your brand-new Mercedes to lease with us today and enjoy driving a high-end model from one of the world's most renowned vehicle manufacturers.