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Fiat is an Italian vehicle manufacturer and was founded in 1899, although, since 2021, it has been a subsidiary of Stellantis, a Dutch manufacturing corporation. The company opened their first production plant the year after their formation, quickly building a reputation for being creative in its engineering. The brand got off to a slow start, producing less than 1500 in its first 6 years, although this was due to them having such a small number of staff. In an attempt to grow the company, it went public, selling shares on the stock exchange.

This proved to be a smart move, with Fiat becoming Italy's largest automobile manufacturer by 1910. The brand also expanded into the US, with FIAT being seen as an upper-class vehicle to drive, in part due to its cost being considerably higher than other vehicles around that time. Fast-forward through two world wars to the year 1970, in which Fiat enjoyed one of its best years yet, producing a record 1.4 million vehicles. The company has only grown since, now sporting a diverse range that includes a variety of vehicles, including both electric and hybrid models.

The Fiat 500 electric is currently the only EV in Fiat's lineup and is capable of roughly a 198-mile range. It also features an impressive, fast-charging battery that can be charged enough for a full day’s drive in just 5 minutes. Whether you have a home charging station that uses a DC current, or if you rely on public charging stations, this is ideal as it allows you to prepare for the day ahead by charging in the time it would take to grab a coffee. The compact design, typical of the 500 models, is ideal for city living, making it easy to park and navigate tight streets. To further help the driver out on busy roads, its built-in Traffic Jam Assist will help you stay a safe distance away from other vehicles. 

The 500X model is similar to the standard 500 models, but it is bigger, offering more of an SUV experience. With size in mind, the vehicle provides more interior space without looking bloated, still giving it an advantage when navigating cityscapes. The dash incorporates all of the technology and features you'll need for a comfortable driving experience. This includes an infotainment system, which allows you and the family to stay entertained on longer journeys with access to various apps to enjoy all sorts of videos and music. Modern technology also allows you to control features with your voice, using the 'Hey Google' command to interact with the Google assistant. This can be a key feature, especially for safety, as it allows the driver to use various controls without having to take their eyes off the road.

The Panda is one of Fiat's longest-running models, with the first generation being released in 1980. It remains in the company's lineup today, as a refreshed model that is available in three different versions, the Cross, Sport and Life. The Cross and Sport both feature a touchscreen display that is built into the dash, while the Life features a smartphone cradle for you to mount your mobile and connect it via the car's Bluetooth. The appearance of the Panda doesn't change much between the models; however, it does maintain the classic shape of the vehicle, just with a few refreshed features. Apple Carplay and Android Auto systems are also in use, giving you as much range as possible when it comes to choosing your entertainment for the journey.

The Fiat Tipo also comes in Cross, Sport and Life versions, so you can choose the model that most accurately suits your lifestyle. The design of the vehicle gives it a sleek and modern look, with LED built-in headlights that provide maximum visibility in the dark. The grill has also been re-designed to feature a new style of the Fiat logo. The interior of the Tipo has been designed to provide maximum comfort, featuring more style and more technology than before, ensuring you have everything you need for a luxurious experience. Important safety features, such as auto-braking, are also included, meaning that the vehicle is able to prevent a collision if an obstacle appears quicker than your reaction time.

Fiat has made its stance on EVs known, with the company fully supporting the industry and investing in electric models of their own. At the Geneva Motor Show 2019, the FCA presented the new Fiat Centoventi, which is an electric utility concept. This shows Fiat's long-term commitment to EVs and to producing vehicles that offer great benefits and positively impact the environment too.

At Vavoom, we offer a range of lease deals on a wide variety of Fiat models. Whether you're looking for a personal or business lease deal, we can provide a contract that suits you. Leasing a Fiat allows you to get some of the latest models available through monthly payment installments. You're also able to choose specific details of the lease deal, including the initial rental period and contract length. Once the contract ends, you'll be free to begin another lease deal with us on a brand-new Fiat model. To learn more about the Fiat models we offer or how a lease deal can benefit you, please get in touch. You can call us on 0344 264 4177 or email us at, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.