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Dacia is a Romanian vehicle manufacturer that was founded in 1966 and later sold to Groupe Renault, making it a subsidiary of the Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi alliance. The brand has thrived since its formation too, making it officially Romania's largest company, based on revenue and exportation. Turning the clock back to 1968, Dacia's first model, the 1100, was produced, based on designs of the Renault 12. A 1100S version of the model was produced too, which featured a more powerful engine and lent its hand to racing too. Succeeding the 1100 was the 1300, which was the first Dacia model to include features such as a heated rear screen, radio and windscreen mirrors on both sides, which were considered a novelty at the time.

After the turn of the century, Dacia released its most popular model since the 1300 in the form of the Logan, which became one of the best-selling vehicles in Central and Eastern Europe. The Logan was used as the basis for the Sandero, which was released in 2008, and still features in their lineup today, although as a much improved version. Also available alongside the Sandero in the current lineup is the Duster and the Sandero Stepway. The Duster, which is a versatile SUV, is perfect for adventures and marketed as a capable family vehicle. Furthering that claim is the inclusion of the central multimedia system that allows for easy use of maps for simple navigation. The position of it allows the driver to safely navigate without having to take their eyes off the road. It also features entertainment apps, such as YouTube and Spotify, so you can enjoy music whilst on the move through its 6 integrated speakers.

Other features of the Duster include safety systems that can ensure that all of the family is protected whilst out on the road. One of the biggest issues that can pose a threat to driver and passenger safety is the lack of visibility. To aid this, the Duster includes a blindspot warning detector, which can alert the driver when another vehicle is too close, preventing potential collisions. The multi-view camera can also help with parking, ensuring that the space is clear from pedestrians and making it easy to navigate between other vehicles. Other systems that can help with the control of the vehicle are the hill descent system and the hill start assist systems, which can help the driver in difficult situations, preventing the vehicle from rolling back on a hill start or a descent from being too quick.

The all-new Dacia Sandero is the result of a total redesign, which features a 'supermini' frame. The compact vehicle offers great amounts of space, both inside the vehicle and in the boot, as well as safety features such as emergency brake assistance. The revised design brings all of the important controls into one central location, making it easier for the driver to access everything they need without compromising their driving ability. This also makes the driving experience more comfortable, due to the ergonomic seats and positioning of features such as the steering wheel. Smart features like the LED headlights will automatically activate once visibility drops, meaning you'll never have to worry about forgetting to turn them on again. The same can be said for the windscreen wipers, which will automatically switch on once it starts raining.

The Sandero Stepway is hailed by Dacia as small but mighty. This model is a more rugged design compared to the other two available models and features a raised seating position for better driving posture. The roof bars also make it ideal for transporting luggage and outdoor equipment for long distances. No longer will you have to clog up interior space with outdoor gear when you can use a roof rack. Other design elements allow you to maximise space, with the ability to lower the rear seats in order to double your boot space. This, in addition to the high ground clearance feature, which allows you to navigate off-road terrain, makes it the perfect outdoor adventure vehicle for family trips. Driver-assistance safety features and multimedia entertainment systems ensure you're covered on all bases, no matter how long your adventures last.

Each of the three Dacia models are also available in Bi-fuel models, which boast lower emissions. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, Bi-fuel engines run on both petrol and Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG). One of the key benefits of these vehicles is that you're able to enjoy more savings on petrol, and they’re also super easy to use. Drivers are able to choose between using the combustion engine or LPG engine with a literal flick of a switch.


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