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Cupra, formerly known as SEAT Special Vehicles department, was formed in 1985 and was created with the intention to maximise the company's participation in rallying championships, which proved fruitful with the team winning 11 titles by 1983. It wasn't until 2018 that it was re-branded with the Cupra name as the official high-performance branch of SEAT, while the motorsports team was then named Cupra Racing. The majority of Cupra's history lies with its racing endeavours, prior to the renaming, where various models of SEAT were used to race for different titles. Most notable was SEAT's first attempt at a World Rally Championship in 1977; however, they only managed third and fourth place.

When Cupra first began as a separate entity, the range of vehicles that they had available was rebranded as SEAT vehicles. These vehicles weren't carbon copies though, and there were some changes, such as the Ateca, for example, as the Cupra version was a sportier take on the original SEAT model. This isn't set to be the pattern that Cupra follows, however, as the company is beginning to produce original vehicles that weren't first designed by SEAT. The first example of this is the Cupra Formentor, which has been labelled as an SUV Coupé and hailed by Top Gear as a sharp-looking crossover with great handling. It's also been noted that it features lots of space for equipment, which is a great feat for a sportier version of an SUV, making it perfect for surfing and mountain biking trips.

Although the Formentor is officially a Cupra original, it does borrow some features from the SEAT Ateca and Volkswagen vehicles (which is to be expected as it is owned by Volkswagen Group), such as the chassis, gearbox and the touchscreen infotainment centre. Using these tried and tested features to build the basis of the Formentor is a smart move by the company and a great way to grow the reputation of the brand. This could also be the model that establishes Cupra as a go-to brand for those looking for capable vehicles with a sporty edge.

Also part of Cupra's lineup is the Cupra Leon, which has a top speed of 155mph and is capable of reaching 0-62mph in 5.7s. The design of the vehicle is noticeably sporty, with the inclusion of dual exhausts and sharp, aerodynamic styling. The leather upholstery in the interior also gives the vehicle a luxury feel, for a comfortable driving experience. Aiding your drive is intuitive technology that has been included to enhance your driving experience. This includes the touch-screen dash display, which allows you to easily navigate music apps and other entertainment features. There is also a digital screen behind the steering wheel, which can provide real-time data feedback whilst the vehicle is on the road.

Also available is the Cupra Leon Estate, which is available as a plug-in hybrid vehicle. The electric capabilities allow for a range of up to 32 miles, which is perfect for when you're low on fuel but need backup power to continue your journey. As this version is a plug-in hybrid, it will need to be charged using charging stations, which you can utilise at various points available. If you're using public charging stations, they use a DC current, which is also known as 'fast charging' to speed up the rate at which your hybrid or EV can be charged. With a range of only 32 miles, using a DC fast-charging point will likely mean that you won't have to wait around for long, so you can get straight back onto the road.

At the end of 2021, Cupra will expand its range of all-electric vehicles with the release of the Cupra Born, a 100% electric vehicle. The vehicle will produce zero emissions and is estimated to have a max range of 355 miles, which is a great feat considering that one of Tesla's most popular models, the Model 3, is capable of a 360-mile range. Announced by Cupra, the vehicle will also sport "Intuitive Connectivity features, an Augmented Reality Head-Up Display, a 12” Touchscreen and Dynamic Chassis Control". These will no doubt blend to create an exciting driving experience that will be unlike anything Cupra has produced before, making it a future EV to get excited about.

With the UK government announcing that it will be placing a ban on petrol and diesel vehicles in 2030, many brands, Cupra included, will have to adapt if they want to compete with other manufacturers. As Cupra has already begun to produce hybrid vehicles, it is more than likely that they will more readily expand into the EV market and no doubt blend their sporty vehicle designs with sustainable EV technology.

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