Audi is a German vehicle manufacturer, which was founded in 1909 by engineer August Horch. The company’s headquarters are currently based in Ingolstadt, Germany, and they have factories across the globe. Dating back to the origins of the company, the first Audi vehicle produced can be traced back to 1910 and was named the Audi Type A. 140 of the Type A’s were produced before the Type B succeeded it in 1911. It was twenty-one years after this that Audi gained its iconic ‘four rings’ logo that we know and recognise today. The four rings are said to represent the four companies that formed the Auto Union and these are Horch, DKW, Wanderer and Audi. 

In 1965, Volkswagen acquired Audi, with the company becoming a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. Crossover between models from each of the companies began just short of ten years later, with the Audi 50 being rebadged as the Volkswagen Polo, which went on to become one of VW’s best-selling vehicles. After this, Audi began to target upper-market customers, as it began to compete with the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Each of these three huge vehicle manufacturers has its own benefits with customers favouring certain styling and engineering over other brands. However, as Audi is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, which is known for proficient and reliable engineering, Audi will likely always be amongst the biggest car brands in the world.

Audi’s current vehicle range includes the A1, which is seen as the more affordable (if you were to buy it outright) road car, the Q7, which is an upper-range SUV with 7 seats and the R8, which is the company’s top-end sports car and can reach a maximum speed of 199mph. The TT has also been a popular Audi model for many years, as it is seen to bridge the gap between affordable road cars and higher-end sports cars. The design of the TT and its features have allowed customers to have a taste of the sports car life for a fraction of the cost.

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