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Alfa Romeo was founded in 1910, under the name Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili, by anonymous investors. That's what the 'Anonima' in the original name refers to, as it wasn't until a few years later that entrepreneur Nicola Romeo took over the company and changed the name to Alfa Romeo, thus birthing the company name we know today. Shortly after the renaming, the brand was thrust into the world of racing and has become associated with the sport ever since. The first model that the company produced and entered into a race was the ALFA 24HP, a 4.1-litre four-cylinder passenger car. Compared to the racing vehicles of today, the 24HP doesn't look as though it would fare well in a race, but the racing model was capable of reaching speeds of 68mph and featured an additional 30-litre fuel tank.

As an Italian brand, the company supported the country's war effort during World War 1, producing aircraft engines and various other components. Once the war was over, vehicle production commenced, with the creation of the ALFA 20/30 HP, which gained huge publicity when it won the at Mugello in 1920. This wouldn't be the last of Alfa Romeo's focus on Motorsports either, as the company concentrated on using production-based cars in races. Despite a flurry of victories, Alfa Romeo would eventually end up in financial trouble, which would lead to talks with Fiat over a merger. However, Fiat withdrew its proposal and instead opted to acquire the full company, to which Alfa Romeo agreed, finalising the deal in 1986.

Alfa Romeo is well known for its technologies and innovative engine creations, one of which being the trademark double overhead cam engine, which was used for the first time in 1914. Further down the line, the company tested fuel injectors, creating an engine that featured six electrically operated injectors, all-wheel disc brakes and a plastic radiator header tank, which were together used in the 105 series Giulia, making it one of the most advanced cars at the time. That said, fast forward to 2016, and the latest Giulia model came equipped with electric brakes, proving just how far Alfa Romeo's development of technology has come.

The design and appearance of many Alfa Romeo vehicles have been curvaceous with a touch of finesse. More prominent in recent models are the ridges in the bonnet, which slope down into the triangular-shaped grill. This gives the vehicle a sporty look and sets it apart from other models that would otherwise look similar. The shape of this grill has also become synonymous with the brand, making it easy to guess the make of the car simply from the grill shape. The Giulia saloon showcases this perfectly, with a trademark design that gives the vehicle a fierce appearance whilst maintaining practicality with its 4-door build.

Also amongst the Alfa Romeo range is the Stelvio, a 5-door estate that is capable of achieving 0-62mph in 7.2s. The Stelvio features some amazing features beyond its classic Italian design, such as level 2 autonomous driving. This means that the vehicle can control steering and the level of acceleration, rivalling Tesla and their Autopilot system. Autonomy is becoming more popular amongst EVs as technology advances, which can also make them safer to drive. The Stelvio also features Alfa™ Link suspension, which increases precision when handling and makes travelling more comfortable for passengers.

In terms of preparation for the future, Alfa Romeo doesn’t currently have any electric vehicles as part of their range; however, they have revealed the Tonale concept, a plug-in hybrid vehicle. When released, the Tonale will mark the brand's first venture into vehicles that feature electric technology. The vehicle is said to fuse the "brand’s signature style" with "the energy of a relentless evolutionary thrust". From the initial images that have been released, the model maintains the trademark grill shape but smoothes off the hood, in favour of much shorter indentations. The model is unmistakably 'Alfa Romeo' though, as you can see that the design of the vehicle perfectly encapsulates everything that makes the brand's models unique and desirable.

At Vavoom, we can provide a range of Alfa Romeo models that are available on either business or personal contracts. This means that no matter whether you're looking for a model to accommodate your work needs or meet your personal requirements, we can provide a deal that suits you. We can even provide a series of fleet leasing options that allow you to put your staff in a range of stunning Alfa Romeo models that accurately reflect your brand's professionalism. Once you've chosen your dream Alfa Romeo model, you'll be able to tailor the lease contract to suit you, selecting the initial rental period and the contract length. On some deals, you'll even be able to choose vehicle maintenance as an add-on, which includes mechanical and electrical repairs or replacements, tyre repair and replacement, breakdown assistance and MOT tests (if applicable).


We aim to offer a diverse range of deals on the latest models of Alfa Romeo, adapting our offerings as new models are released. This allows you to drive away in some of the newest models from one of the most popular brands built on authentic Italian engineering. To learn more about the Alfa Romeo models we provide, you can explore the deals on our website or speak to a member of our team by calling 0344 264 4177 or emailing us at