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Ask Vavoom!

Why choose Vavoom when ordering my new car?

At Vavoom, we’re experts in vehicle leasing and providing solutions in four key connected areas: vehicle leasing, asset finance, vehicle procurement, and energy solutions. We’re an innovative and forward-thinking company that focuses on providing our clients with thought-provoking and advanced car leasing options, whilst doing our bit to positively impact the environment.

Where do you source vehicles from?

We source all our vehicles through manufacturer approved franchised dealerships. In some cases, we will also source vehicles directly from the manufacturer. 

Why should I lease a car?

Leasing is a cost-effective way to drive a brand-new car. Here at Vavoom, we’re big fans of leasing as it allows our customers to swap into the latest model every 2 to 4 years. It’s fixed cost motoring for a set period of time, so you know exactly how much you’ll be paying for the whole term of the contract. 

Is contract hire a credit agreement?

Contract hire is a credit agreement and will result in a credit search on either yourself or your company when applying. Typically, our lenders will look for a good or excellent credit score. 

Are there any restrictions when it comes to leasing a vehicle?

You must be aged 18 or over to lease a vehicle and have a full valid driving licence. When it comes to business contract hire there are a few restrictions. We are unable to lease vehicles to taxi companies, chauffeurs, driving schools or vehicle hire companies. Please contact one of our leasing consultants for further information regards these restrictions. 

How long are your lease periods?

We typically offer 2 to 4 year contract hire agreements. In some cases, we can extend this to 5 years. 

What is the up-front cost to me?

We offer flexible leasing agreements tailored to your requirements. Typically, most lenders prefer a minimum of 3 monthly rentals at the start of the agreement but in certain cases we can offer a low initial rental minimising your initial outlay. You can also choose to pay a higher initial rental which will reduce your monthly rentals for the duration of the contract. We also charge a processing fee of £165 plus VAT per vehicle. 

Is delivery included in your prices?

We include driven delivery as part of all our service. If you prefer a transported delivery, please speak to your leasing consultant as there may be an additional cost for this service. Collection of the vehicle at the end of the lease period is included in the contract price. 

Is insurance included in my lease contract?

You will need to insure your lease vehicle fully comprehensively and advise your insurance company that the vehicle is owned and registered to a contract hire lender. 

Can I include maintenance and servicing cover in my lease?

You certainly can! Here at Vavoom, we always recommend customers take a look at our service and maintenance package as this gives our customers peace of mind when it comes to any servicing, tyres, brakes or any other repairs that your vehicle will need within its contract hire period. 

Is roadside assistance included in your lease contracts?

All our vehicles are supplied with the manufacturer’s free breakdown assistance. This is typically 12 months, sometimes longer. If you choose a fully maintained contract, you will receive breakdown cover for the full duration of the contract hire agreement. 

Will my vehicle come with a warranty?

All our new vehicles come with a manufacturer’s warranty, so if you have any issues then you can take the vehicle to any manufacturer main dealer for your vehicle brand. If your vehicle is pre-registered, we will advise you at the start of the lease and you will be entitled to the balance of the manufacturer's warranty. 

Will I need to MOT my lease vehicle?

Vehicles do not need an MOT test until they are 3 years old from date of registration. If you choose a fully maintained contract, this will cover the cost of an MOT test as well as any associated work such as tyres, wiper blades, brakes and replacement bulbs.

Do your lease contracts include road tax?

Good news! All our lease contracts include road tax for the full duration of the contract. 

Can I amend the mileage allowance during the contract?

Most lenders will allow this, subject to the individual lender's terms and conditions. Please speak to our customer service team if you require a quotation for this. 

Will I be able to end my lease contract early?

This is possible, an early termination charge will typically apply. Speak to your leasing consultant as there may be ways to minimise the impact to you whilst helping you into a brand-new vehicle. 

What happens at the end of the contract term?

Your Vavoom leasing consultant will be in touch a few months before the end of the lease term to discuss your options. Your main options are usually to extend your lease for a further 6 or 12 months (subject to lender authority) or hand your vehicle back and potentially take out a brand-new lease. 

Do you charge fair wear and tear charges at the end of the contract?

When a lease vehicle is returned at the end of the contract term, it will be inspected in line with the BVRLA fair wear and tear guidelines. Any damage outside of these guidelines may incur a cost. Here at Vavoom, we recommend fixing any damage before your lease vehicle is returned, to avoid any unexpected charges. 

Can I purchase my lease vehicle at the end of the term?

In some cases, the lender may allow you to purchase your lease vehicle at the end of the term. Speak to your leasing consultant about this in the last 3 months of your contract. 

Can I add a personalised registration number to my lease vehicle? 

This is certainly possible, if you have a cherished plate that you’d like to add to your lease vehicle, you will need to contact your contract hire lender who will arrange for the transfer. Please note, adding and removing a cherished plate to the vehicle will incur administration charges. 

Do you offer a part exchange service? 

We don’t currently offer this facility, you would need to sell your old car separately and potentially use the proceeds to fund your initial rental for your new lease vehicle. 

Can I take my lease car abroad?

You can take your lease vehicle abroad, provided you obtain authority from the contract hire funding provider in advance of your trip.