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About Vavoom Leasing

At Vavoom, we're fully focused on our clients and ensuring their satisfaction is placed above everything else. This defines the way we operate and helps us form strong, long-lasting customer relationships which are built on honesty and integrity. By collaborating with our clients in a straightforward and honest manner, we benefit as much as our customers do as every party is clear on where they stand.

By establishing Vavoom as a caring and compassionate company, we've been able to deliver a professional and innovative service with the assurance that our customers will be fully satisfied. With over 70 years of experience within the car leasing industry and managing relationships with clients, we're confident as problem solvers and people experts. We’ve also built up a strong repertoire of manufacturers and funders allowing us to provide a large range of vehicles.

As visionaries with a keen eye on the future, we understand the importance of caring for our environment and will help in every way we can to secure a greener future. One of the four main pillars which define the service we offer at Vavoom is energy solutions, where we explore more efficient ways of using energy and reducing emissions through the use of Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Vavoom is firmly a forward-thinking company and if we can find a way to provide our clients with the best possible service whilst having a positive impact on our environment, then everybody is happy. One of the common problems the market is facing is the ability to source, deliver and install vehicle charging units that dovetail the vehicle delivery. At Vavoom, we have the ability to source the right charger for the right vehicle or business charging solution in a short period of time managed with a process that ensures, wherever possible, the clients are able to have a charging unit installed ahead of their vehicle delivery, something that we believe is key. 

The way that we view customer journeys is open-ended, which represents the continual service that we can provide. At Vavoom, none of our clients will ever feel as though they haven't received the level of service they expected or that their needs haven't been met. Whether it's a car leasing deal, financing solution or you are making the move into the world of electric vehicles, we're here to help you take the next step.